A man killed January 27, 2015 Is at 11 am His wife called the police police ask questions to everyone where they were at the time of inciident. Wife -: Sir, when I was reading the newspaper At the time murdered Cook - I was making dinner Mali - I was giving water to flowers Servant - I had gone to the bank Kids - we were at school Neighbors - we were awake the city Ref Police immediately arrested the murderer who was the murderer......

the murder was cook because he was cooking dinner at that time 11pm
sorry 11am
yeah i was goona comment on that question


The cook was the murderer because on 11 a.m. no one will cook the dinner.
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The cook.........
as the murder took place at 11 am.and the cook said he was preparing dinner at that time.
by this ,we get to know that the cook did the murder

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