land pllution can take many forms.The most obvious is by improper discharge of aflluents in to open and vacant spaces by small scale (and sometimes big)industries also.Then there is the agricultural land pollution via indiscriminate use of fertilisers and pesticides and insecticides.All lead to the degradadtion of land in the long term.Farm lands have been known to turn to sandy waste lands.this is a serious problem in parts of Punjab.
In my view land is also polluted by wrongful townplanning that leads to congestion both human and vehicular leading to a over all degradation of quality of life.But that is my personal take on it.
Also look at amount of waste urban societies generate that goes staright to land fills.This leads to long term poisoning of the land.Add to this the effects of cutting of trees without planting more and you get increasing desertification,soil erosion,land slides and host of other troubles.Also in our country their is no safe waste disposal system.We throw dangerous ,pollutants like batteries,paints acids,tyres,chemicals all in the same land fills.You could say the human race is the master land polluter.