My mother is the one and only women who cares for me a lot.
"God could not be everywhere so he created mother"
For the last ....... years I have realised how true this statement is. you wouldn't do justice to her by calling her just a mother. she is everything that my world is made up of. from my alarm clock to my cook...she is my counsellor and my tutor at the same time. In school whenever I have a fight with a friend I fear I might lose him/her but my mother is one person regarding whom I have no such fears. even after endless scolding and fighting she is always there as a protective blanket around me. with her I feel secure...she feels like my true home...
I return home everyday complaining of the workload and tuitions but I failed to realise that I hadn't heard a single complain from her. she patiently does her work whether at home or at office and she is there to console me and make my work easy. my mother only gives...expecting but my smile in return...
She is my role model and I wish to grow up and make her proud one day

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