Girls are considered to be weak in our society. Some people don't think that educating a girl is important. They discriminate in boys and girls, saying that boys earn money after graduation and girls are nothing but 'spenders'. Even the Government has made education necessary for girls. The thoughts and discrimination are of no use. The girls need to be educated so that the can learn on what's wrong and right, what's happening with them. We should encourage the girls for studying, because they're no less than boys. People say "Practice makes a man perfect" because a woman is already perfect; if she gets the right education and rights that she deserves. If a girl is educated, she can fight against any bad stuff happening to her, like, Child marriage, Dowry, etc. She can do a job and earn money too. This will also decrease the Unemployment and Uneducated population of India. Girls can in fact contribute a lot to a country's development as well.