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My favorite game is Chuppan Chupayee, or hide and seek.
The rules of this game are that the catcher i.e the seeker has to find the hider.
If the seeker is able to identify where the hider is hidden,the hider then becomes the seeker.This game can be played by many.All those who have not been founded by the seeker,tap on a wall where the seeker was counting, and say "dabba".This is different with different people across India.
This has been a game, Ive been playing since childhood, and this game never ceases to amuse me.Till now.I have loved it,love it,will love it.

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My favorite game is Badminton. I like it because it contains mind and body exercise. It develops our mind focus. It is also a pass time game. It contains two or four people . I play badminton as often as I can. When my friends come for a visit, I play badminton with them too as my friends like it too. Playing an outdoor game gives us lots of benefits like it provides us fresh air, strengthens our muscles etc., that is why I love to play badminton. I love badminton more than a piece of diamond.
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