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Vegetation itself means forests.
Forests mean trees.
Trees mean no floods
Why?How?Good question
Here's how
Trees have roots.
Roots are highly branched and are spread out to a wide arena.
Roots hold the soil firmly.
No erosion of soil.
No floods too.
Floods occur when soil loses its capability to hold the water or to absorb the water.
Roots hold the trees firmly,Thus no flooding.


1) vegetation cover on land trees, plants, grass etc, obstruct the run of rainwater and slows down the speed of its flow . This slowing down helps rainwater to percolate into the soil.
2) floods are often caused by sudden increase in the volume of water reaching a river. vegetation allows the water to flow slowly into the river, thus preventing sudden flooding.
3) it also helps to increase the amount of water which goes into the soil.
4) it reduces the erosion of soil by rain water.
5) if the surface of the land is covered with vegetation then soil erosion is greatly reduced