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He would jump into conversations at odd timings.Since turnbull wasnt a person to be meddled with, he gave quelch a sound punishment.
Quelch would correct Turnbull unnessarily, showing off his faculties.
According to me,the punishment was a real bad decision on turnbull's part.
Since,we all love quelch for him being awesome,how can one see him to be a cook?I am disgusted at this punishment.

When corporal turnbull was giving lecture on hand grenade and was telling about its segmentations private quelch disturbed him and told him exact no. of segmentations 44 this made him quite angry and when corporal was just remusing his lecture professor interrupted and adviced him to start his lecture by telling 5 characteristics of the grenade.The corporal's anger was at extreme height and asked professor to give lecture,quite unabashed professor gave unexpectionable lecture on hand grenade.and in these ways private quelch annoyed corporal turnbull.

no, the punishment accorded to private quelch was not properĀ 

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