My friend and I met each other in the park. Her name is Riana. Both of us are hardly different as we both love to play with art, love indoor games, dancing, doodling etc. So we both started to know each other better and became tight friends. We are kind of different as I'm veg and she's non-veg. And while she loves country music, I love pop music. But we'll never let these differences come in between us.
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One day i went to is a site of education.i was new there.the first person i met was siddharth.he was also a user of this first we had an arguement about who is the best in answer this 4 to 5 days passed.suddenly he had his exams ,and he needed a essay.i was the one who wrote the essay as fast as possible.he could give his exams very nicely and got good marks too.he sent me a friend request.without any hesitation i accepted his request.this was our starting of friendship.we use to chat a lot and even compete each other in terms of answer questions as a friend and not a rival.there are many similarities between us .some are :-he is good in studies and so i am too.both of us like to study subjects of science.there are also many differences between us like:-he is bigger than me,he is very serious while i am very funky etc.instead of all these we are still best friends.we will always be best friends.