Let 2 frnds be Hina & Mina
Hina-Hey Mina why are you throwing the chocolate wrapper on road?
Mina-So what?what happens? should throw it into the dustbin.
Mina-Here there is no where should I throw?Therefore I'm throwing this here on the road.
Hina-This isn't right Mina are an educated can throw this in your home's dustbin.
Mina-you mean I should carry this wrapper with me to home?...& what is wrong many people throw garbage on what?
Hina-Are you that irresponsible citizen who throws litter here & there?...then what will happen of this INDIA?...those who throw garbage on roads are illiterate,they prove from their actions such as these...But you're not illiterate.
mina-Pls dont tell me that...I'm literate...
Hina-do you remember what PM Modiji has told in his Swaachh Bharat Abhiyan?He therefore started the campaign as he wanted to spread cleanliness everywhere...atleast respect that...
Mina-Okay Hina dear...really you opened my eyes you're the best friend of mine who saved me from doing a bad job
Hina-Mina promise me that you'll never litter here & there...see u next time...Bye!!
Mina-Yes...Thankyou so I'll straight go to my home and throw the wrapper in my home's bin...Bye