There are many reasons for laziness in children. They may be like these: 1) use of gadgets 2)eating lot of junk food may sometimes lead to laziness 3) when parents are providing more than whatever they need .it is sometimes called as spoon feeding. 4)lack of exercise 5)when children stay a lot of time at home itself. Some of the ways to remove laziness in children: 1)making some exercises at school compulsory like swimming,cycling etc 2)parents should encourage their children to play outside for some time 3)take healthy food like fruits and vegetables 4) the touch with gadgets must be less 5)
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Laziness is an outward attitude caused by the distortion of inner beliefs of value. For instance, if a child is given too much complementary, without learning the value of reward resulting from an application of effort, this distorts the concept of getting what one deserves.
This common parental mistake, bathed in love and ignorance, has disastrous consequences on the mind. The result is a tangled mess for the person to clean up later in life when independent maturity is gained.