2016-03-26T11:59:46+05:30 free woman is not allowed to more than one maid to follow her,unless she was drunk. also banned the drinking of undiluted wine. man was allowed to wear gold rings.

*these are the sumptuary laws of ancient Greece.
Objectives of sumptuary laws:

The main objectives of sumptuary laws was that they were made to regulate and reinforce social hierarchies and morals through restrictions on clothing , food , and luxury expenditures.

Two restrictions in court under these laws were related to head gears and shoes.

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Restrictions imposed are:

From 1294 to 1789, people of France were expected to follow Sumptuary laws.

1.The law tried to control the behaviour of those considered socially inferiors.

2.Preventing them from wearing clothes, consuming certain beverages and hunting game in certain areas.

3.Material to be used for clothing was also leagally prescribed.