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My first degree was in psychology and statistics, but that was more than 30 years ago so make allowances for my response (an opinion, not really an answer).

The question essentially boils down to nature vs. nurture, isn't it? Back in my day, a lot of people in many places still believed that personality traits are genetically inheritable.

But as Aditi Jindal pointed out, your environment (family, friends, interests, life events,  etc) also influence and contribute to your overall personality. That makes sense -- after all, we're all living in the real world.

One problem challenging psychology is this: Are your personality traits actually inherited from your parents, or are they simply the result of growing up in close contact with (say) your father? How does a scientist check one for the other?

My own personal view is that the overall human psychological makeup is quite plastic. I tend to go along with my university studies that (broadly speaking) personality is 70% inherited and 30% environmentally influenced. Current science probably has more up-to-date percentages.

Not a great response, I know, but hope it works for you.
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