To facilitate the process of elections, a country has to be divided into several constituencies.

The task of delimiting the constituencies is generally performed by a Delimitation Commission. But the power to delimit parliamentary and Assembly constituencies for the first general elections in 1951 was conferred on the President.

The President’s delimitation order was to be released on the advice of the Election Commission which also consulted Parliamentary Advi­sory Committees set by the Speaker of Parliament and the Speaker of the respective legislative Assembly to which the delimitation proposal pertained

The Election Commission distributed the seats district-wise in each one of the States and directed the Chief Electoral Officers to prepare proposals for the physical demarcation of Constituencies accord­ing to the prescribed criteria. As on outcome of the recommendation of the Election Commission the Parliament enacted the Delimitation Act, 1952.

The Delimitation Commission was to consist of three members, two of whom were the nominated by the President from serving or retired judges of the Supreme Court or High Courts while the Chief Election Commissioner was to be an ex-office member.

(ii) Electoral Rolls:

The second important but tedious function of the Election Commission is to prepare for identification the up-to-date list of all the persons who are entitle for voting at the poll.

5 election powers are:-
emergency powers,financial powrs,military powers,judicial pwrs,diplomatic powrs