This plain consists of fertile alluvial soil. It consists of the river valleys of ganga and it's tributaries. Here are 2 types of alluvial soil. ...khadar and bhangar. This region has the highest density population. And the best agricultural output
The interaction of the 3 himayan rivers,indus ganga and brahmaputra and their tributaries resultedin the formation of great northern plains.In the beggining it was a shallow basin that was gradually filled with varied alluvial soil that these rivers brought from the himalayas
The indogangetic consists of 3 divisions:
1.The Western part, 2.The Central part, 3.The Eastern part
1.The western part was formed by the indus and its tributaries,the jhelum,the chenab,the ravi,the sultej,the beas flowing from the river.most of the india river basin is located in pakisthan leaving minor portion of punjab and hariyana plains in india the DOAB features dominate the fertille land between the two rivers
2.The centralart is known as ganga extendsfrom the rivers ghaggar to Teesta.This part is mainly spread in the states ofUttar pradesh,bihar and partly in hariyana,jharkhand and west bengal
3.The east part of the plain exists mostly in the brahmaputra is mainly responsible for its formation