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                                   My Favorite TV Serial

People watch a lot of television shows. Everybody likes some show or the other. But my favorite show is Pawn Stars.

Pawn Stars comes on History TV 18. It is about people of three generations who own a pawn shop in Las Vegas and want to become rich. Their pawn shop is named 'Gold And Silver' Pawn Shop. They buy things from people coming to their shop, appraise its value and sell it for a higher price to earn money.

It is also one of the favorite shows in the world. The boss of the shop Rick Harrison started the shop with his father when he was just 13 in the 1980's. His son Corey is also in the business. But the show is most famous because of their fun and Corey's friend and the joker of the shop Chumlee. 

Their business and fun gives us knowledge as well as entertainment. 

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Bruce Nash is credited with creating the series. Don Cambou has acted as executive producer on over 350 episodes for Actuality Productions, the production company behind the series.
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                                   my favorite tv seriel.
my favorite tv serial is doraemon. it is a lovely character coming from the 22nd centuary. in this seral it teaches me how to be a hardworking child and how i should build my future.
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