The bond between sister and brother is a large ocean of affection,where in RAKSHABANDHAN we see this bond becoming strong.Sister by tieing a band in brother's hand or the' raaki ' which increases the affection and love among the two siblings.Brother cares for his sister and also the sister does care.This affection,love a different kind of relationship we cannot see anywhere.It is very different i think RAKSHABHANDAN is a way to express the love among sister's and brothers.
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Today i am standing before you to say some words about raksha bandhan
Raksha bandhan is mentioned in the epics as a festival of gods.its said that yamuna,the sister of yama used to tie to his brother on every shravan purnima.Raksha bandhan is not only for the siblings,but for protection for any loved one."Raksha" means protection and "bandhan" means bond.Mostly this festival is celebrated in north of India. On this day  sisters tie a thread called rakhi on the brothers hand.The brother in  returns give her sweets.In conclusion let me say that the trivia of raksha badhan is to bring people together just like true spirit of all other Indian festivals
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