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1.A true solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more than two substances.
The constituents of a true solution cannot be separated by filtration.
 In a true solution, solute cannot be seen even with a microscope.
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it can be separarted with centrifugation
True Solution is one in which components are dissolved 100% in the base solvent.

I will give the properties of true solution:

True solutions are homogenous mixtures.

The diameter of particles of the solution is less than 1 Nanometre, They cannot be seen with naked eyes.

They are not able to scatter the light passing through them because of their very small size of solute particle.

The particles of the solute cannot be separated from their mixture in solution formed by physical method like filtration

The particles do not settle down if the solution is kept without disturbing. This means that these solutions are stable. Such solutions are called true solutions.
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