I woke one morning to the chirping of the birds and the cawing of the crows.i yawned ,i stretched my hands above my head and looked out of the window and it was still dark outside.for a moment i was confused and i lost my bearings.i went to the window looked up into the sky only to find that it was overcast with dark i knew what we were in the time i had bathed little drops of rain began pattering on the window i got ready to leave for school it started pouring heavily.i had to wear my raincoat and gumboots and as i stepped out into the street i saw the old gamiliar i walked along to school ,drops of rain trickled down my forehead.this was because it was pouring heavily.the rain water was not draining fast and people were going very the floodwater reached above my ankles i became very anxious about going to school in time.i tried to quiken my steps but the weight of my school bag proved a mighty was just seconds to closing time when i reachedthe school gate only to find that the school was also flooded.i had to wade through the water to get to my classroom and what a surprise.there werenonly three of my classmates who had also managed to reach school on time.
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I am going to my friend shop the  sky is white that is evening time and i amcomeing after the sky blaskesh colour and after cmg the rain i am enjoy that rain
It was Sunday.I woke up in the morning and heard the pleasant sound of rain drops falling and the chirping of birds.I yawned and stretched my hands and went to the window.The sky was covered with the dark clouds and the birds were jumping in my garden.It was raining heavily with the stormy wind.I went out for a while and the rain drops trickled down my forehead.I came inside and my mother prepared tasty snacks for the pleasant morning.After I enjoyed my snacks, my friends called me out for playing.I asked my parent's permission and went out for playing.After playing for 1 hour ,we were tired.We went inside our homes completely wet.I was told to change my clothes  and towel myself.I was thinking what to do then.An idea came into my mind.I took out my drawing book and colors and started painting a picture of  this rainy day.In the evening also it was raining slightly.My family and me went to the restaurant and had some food.I made paper boats and floated them in the water. At that time, I also saw a colorful  rainbow.I enjoyed this rainy day very much.