it is acceptable by all people since it give equal value to ever person no one is higher or lower for it. and its a decision which has passed through many minds
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a. The Indian constitution is one of the finest and the lengthiest constitutions in the World, containing detailed provisions 
b. The Constitution carries the legacy of our nationalist movement strongly endorsing the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice, established in the name of the people. It establishes India as a democracy and is widely acknowledged  Worldwide.
c. The Constitution was framed after through deliberation and discussion, with prolonged debates.
d. In fact, the constituent assembly that framed the Constitution was also truly representative reflecting diverse interest of the country.
e. The constitution learnt and borrowed provisions from the constitutions of France, US, Britain, and modfied them to suit Indian conditions,
e. All these factors added credibility to our constitution and makes it acceptable to the people today.
f. Besides that it is important to note, that Indian constitution is a living document.
g. ​ Constitution is not a fixed document rather it reflects the changes in the society.
h. The constitution can be amended as per the needs and changing aspirations of the society.
i. The Indian constitution has evolved itself continuously.

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