Make wh questions corresponding to the italics parts in the following sentences (one example has been done for you). 5 Example: I kept the money in the box. Answer: Where did you keep the money?
i She has two sisters.
ii I go to bed by 11 o’clock.
iii History is my favourite subject. iv She lives in Gurgaon.
v I got late because of the traffic jam.
4 Rewrite the following sentences correctly: 5 i The box of chocolates are very expensive. ii Yesterday I had reached home very late. iii If you had reached the station on time you would catch the train. iv She is a genius, isn’t it?
v I can’t cope with the stress of modern life.
5 Do as directed: 10 i The auditor submitted the report on time. (change into the passive voice) ii I am so tired that I can’t work any more. (rewrite using ‘too’)
iii He has been working very hard to clear the entrance examination. (rewrite as a
complex sentence using an adverbial clause)
iv The weather is wonderful. (rewrite as an exclamatory sentence) v Rajni is the tallest of all. (rewrite using the comparative degree)
6 Fill in the blanks with an, an or the. 5 Meera is working in ……MNC as ……senior executive. She travels to office with …… colleague . ………office closes at 8 pm and she returns home late in ………evening.
7 Choose the correct answer: 5 i It has been a long time since I met your uncle, when you meet him, please
……………… him. (regard, give my regards to, regard me to)
ii She tried to ………………a story when asked for the delay in coming home.
(cook up, copy out, come about)
iii The police are……………… the person who was present at the scene of crime.
(looking at, looking forward to, looking out for)
iv My neighbour tends to ………………people, therefore he is disliked by all. (put
up, put down, put on)
v I strongly advise you not to ………………such an attractive job offer. (turn down, turn over, turn away)
8 Write a composition in about 300 words on any one o

make small question


I How many sisters does she have?
ii What time do you go to bed?
iii What is your favorite subject?
v Why did you get late?
4 i The box of chocolates is very expensive.
ii Yesterday I reached home very late.
iv She is a genius,Isn't she?
7 i give my regards to
ii cook up
iii looking out for
iv put down
v turn down

I've answered the questions I know.Hope it helps you. :)
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2. When do you go to bed?

3. Which is your favourite subject ?

4. Where does she live ?

5. Why did you get late ?


1. The box of chocolates is very expensive.

2. Yesterday I reached home very late.

3. If you had reached the station on time, you would have caught the train.

4. She is a genius, isn't she ?

5. I can't cope up with the stress of modern life.

the question was too long to be answered in 1 turn. i will anwer it on some other day in the comment box