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the knights basically played an important role because they protected manors from invading the area..................they had the lowest rank of nobility. they had to support their king at any cost ...... they had to enforce the rules/orders given by the king. the main thing was that they were trained to fight
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The lords/knights played an important role as plunderers of the poor. They imposed heavy taxes on the lower castes and they didn't have a say in the taxation policies of the empire. The lords and knights gave the peasants and farmers small plots of land to cultivate , but imposed taxes which were nearly half of the production. Because of this , farmers were taxed on the little property they owned , and if they couldn't pay the taxes (imposed taxes), their property was confiscated by the feudal government. The lords were the main reason for many of these farmers to go bankrupt and those farmers who stood up of voiced out against these plunderers, were put in Bastille. Therefore , the lords/knights played and important role in looting the poor people of the little wealth they had accumulated. 
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