A children's park in your colony has been encroached upon by a builder. As a result children are not able to use the park. Write a letter to the Ward Officer, Municipal Corporation (of your city), bringing this to his/her notice and requesting him/her to help restore the park to its original shape and use.



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Ward Officer
Municipal Corporation
(Your city's name)

Respected officer,

Subject- The poor condition of the children's park.

With due regards I would like to draw your attention towards the poor condition of the only children's park in our locality. 
The condition of the park is getting worse day by day. People litter the ground. Children eat candies and throw their wrappers on the ground. Grasses have grown tall and many wild shrubs have also grown. Its becoming a dustbin now. 
People used to spend some time sitting in the park but the benches now are at a very bad condition that no one either comes. 
I request the management to restore the park to its original shape that was its very much before.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Your sincerely,
(Your name)
(City's name)
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