In the fast flowing streams down the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand between the ambient and conducine environment but who knew that there would be an earthquake !

With enthusiasm, we had come here to tour this natural destination. But soon everything was in chaos. Everyone was running here and there, asking for help, crying, etc. I was there with my friends. We weren't so scared as others were. We were simply trying to follow the codes which we had learnt in geography.

Soon, the rescue members had come. We were standing at a corner.Suddenly, I saw an old woman caught under a huge rock. We tried our best to call the rescue team there but they didn't see us and went away.

We had to help her and ourselves. We did our best to take her out from under the rock. My friend and i made a lever and took her out. We were successful ! But now, the land was still shaking a bit and we had to come out. All the ways were blocked by rocks. What could we do ?
We had no ways, communications were blocked and .... Then we tried to clear the path so that we could move but no avail because there were many more rocks after that which we couldn't clear.
Suddenly, I remembered that I had a satellite phone.
I quickly used it to contact the nearest military camp.

"Hello, Anyone there."

"Yes, Nainital 23 base camp here."

"Yes! Yes! Hello ! We are victims of the earthquake that had struck just now. We are stuck here and have no way to come out"

"No problem! We'll track you location and find you out. Our people are coming there for you. If you have any problem, contact us again. Over !"

Suddenly, after sometime we found a helicopter hovering in the sky. What did that mean ? We're saved !! 
They threw down a rope ladder and we climbed on that. Soon we were safe at the camp !

It was an unforgettable experience.

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The fast flowing streams down the valley of flowers in utrakhand ambience and a conducive environment but who knew that there was a great treasure under the bed in our room which we took for heir for 2 days. I was there in utrakhand with all my best and craziest friends for many adventure acts like mountain climbing, rowing a boat in the fast flowing streams and even horse riding etc. we all for the first day have done all the small adventures like rowing a boat, horse riding etc. we were too much tired and then we came to the room which we took for heir at a cheap cost because we had spend all our money in the adventures only. the room was too small but we all could manage to stay there because we will be there for 2 nights and that's it.
                                  we bought some small quantity of food for us to eat at that time. we had our dinner and we were just cracking jokes all around and we were kidding and having to much fun, till then the time was 11 night hence we decided not to disturb each other and sleep. I had to sleep on the floor because the room was small. I had no objection with it and I slept peacefully just below the bed. I had a habit of moving here and there in sleep. as usually I started moving right, left, up and down then suddenly I hit something with my head towards my right side. I was really too much painful and I shouted too loudly because of that all my friends woke up and they started asking what happened - what happened.
                             I said that " I hit something with my head under the bed. " all of my friends were laughing too much, going on they were laughing. then among all my friends one of my friend sahil went under the bed and he was searching for the thing that I hit. then suddenly with in 5 minutes sahil started shouting loudly " OH MY GOD " and  then we found a great valuable treasure under the bed and we were too much happy for it because we found a great treasure there. we again came back to Mumbai and we've enjoyed a lot and even we had threw a party for rest of our friends.
I am taking some part of treasure to give it to you for such a good answer
(Some spelling mistake and grammatical errors :P correct them..Otherwise story is awesome)
you can take away the whole treasure i don't need it :D
Okay, I aill take it and give u again