The fundamental rights are of great importance as stated below :

1. These rights are necessary for the development of man's life. They assure him of his physical, mental and moral development.

2. Without these rights, we cannot make our life happy and prosperous.

3. The importance of these rights lies in the fact that they have been guaranteed by the Constitution of India. If any government tries to snatch them away, we can go to the court to get justice.

Classification of Fundamental Rights: The citizens of India enjoy the following fundamental rights:

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FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS are defined as basic human freedom which every indian citizen has the right to enjoy for a proper and harmonious development of personality.these rights universally apply to all citizens , irrespective of race , place of birth , religion , caste or gender.they are enforceable by the courts , subject to certain restrictions.the rights have their origin in many sources including ENGLAND'S BILL OF RIGHTS , THE UNITED STATES BILL OF RIGHTS , and FRANCES DECLARATION OF MANS RIGHTS