It is a typical question. well now a days teenagers are more worldly wise because of their social media like Twitter, Facebook, G-mail etc. the parents are stick to only news paper, or news reporting channels and even radio etc. The teenagers now a days are really more  informative worldly when compared to their parents. But even the parents are too much worldly informative because they are more and more experienced when compared to the teenagers. the parents even are a lot more good at grasping the worldly information. hence we can say that both the parents and teenagers are equal in worldly information.  
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Teenagers are wise but not more than their parents. This is because parents have seen the world. They know how people can trick anyone. Some people are good but not everyone. They know the ways how to deal with different situations. But here the situation revolves around "TEENAGERS". They are wise but not that wise to understand everything. This is the only phase where they get distracted and get involved in many unwanted things. It can be anything. Today each and everyone even aged people are on social networking sites. But some know that it can be dangerous also if not used wisely. Some think that they can do anything like cyber crime. Teenagers are also a part of it. So it is important for teenagers to know that if they are smart than their parents are their parents. You can't play with them. In Hindi there is a proverb of sher and savasher. Here it can be easily applied.---> Bacche sher hai to maa- baap savasher. So teenagers you are wise but not more than your parents. It is the only time to understand and choose the right thing so it that it can be useful for you not a thing that can ruin your future.
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