Can any one explain this please?
After the rain has stopped pouring,
and the thunder has stopped its growling.
Dark clouds with drops of water suspended,
makes in the sky an arch of 7 mist colored.

Rainbows are visible after stormy weather,
a time when things look sadder.
From the darkest gray clouds in the skies,
does a rainbow burst forth we all know why.

They say the rainbow was sent for Noah.
A promise that God's words would remain
The rainbow's message carved for infinity,
made to all mankind by God Almighty.

The rainbow is a sign of this promise,
that he will guide us through the storms of life.
Provided we have faith in Him always,
and face stoically what comes in life's difficult pathways.



This poem depicts the show of the rainbow that just emerges after the rain or storm.
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