Jonathan, Brielle and Sebastian are playing in the block area. Working together they stack 3 rows of blocks on top of each other, going horizontally. After stacking the blocks, Jonathan points to each block (individually) and counts them. Jonathan counts to 20, the other children joins in the counting. After reaching 20, Jonathan kicks the row of blocks and they blocks fall to the floor. Brielle and Sebastian laughs as the blocks fall to the floor. Malika walks over to the block area. Without saying a word, she picks up a block and puts it next to the horizontal structure that Sebastian and Jonathan are working on. Jaxon, who is sitting close by watching Jonathan and Sebastian build, says to Malika, “You can’t play here”. Malika tries to add another block and Jaxon stands in front of Malika. Miss Ashley is sitting at a table close by the block center. She turns towards the children and tells Jaxon that Malika can play in the block area too. Jonathan stands up and says, “Lets go somewhere else Sebastian. We don’t want to play here anymore.” As they are walking out of the Block Area, Jonathan picks up a bin with the pegs. Both boys walk over to the dramatic play area and Jonathan sets the bin with the pegs on a table. Each boy picks up a peg and begins to stack it making a tower of pegs. When the tower of pegs reaches Sebastian’s arm length, Sebastian points the pegs towards Jonathan and says “Boom, Boom” (gesturing as if he was shooting). Jonathan also picks up his pegs and points it towards Sebastian saying “Boom, Boom”. Miss Ashley walks towards the boys and tells them that there is no shooting at school. Sebastian looks at Miss Ashley, smiles, points the pegs towards Jonathan and says “Boom, Boom”. Miss Ashley tells Sebastian that if he does that again she will take the pegs away. Sebastian says “OK” and resumes stacking the pegs.
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who's child?
observing a child
but where is it
Kids are playing in a play grounds,one of them is my friends son.It seems that he is guiding his friend how to play football,how to chip the ball,dribbling,shoting,defending the goal and other techniques which are essential in the game.His name is Atul,he is too studious that he oftenly tops in the exam.His father is a businessman.
CONCLUSION:- he is well in studies,even prefer playing.teaches others initially helping his friends.  
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