Mom: Misty where are you?

Misty:Yes mom .what's the matter?

Mom:I want you to be discontinue your studies.

Misty: But why mom.I want to study more.

Mom:You had studied more than enough. Now it's time to learn house hold chores.


Mom:7th class is more than enough for girls. And you had completed it.

Misty: But mom everyone are looking for higher education now. why should n't I.

Mom:Your education brings you nothing. Now stop studing and learn house hold chores.

Misty: Why not mom?Education gives us many advantages.

Mom: What are the advantages? And what do they give you?

Misty: We can earn our own money and self dependency.

Mom: OK I will talk about this with Your father. I know he definitely agree for this and support you in further.

Misty: Thank you mom. I am sure that you will feel proud of me.