I Believe is a poem by a Garo poet, Brucellish K Sangma. It is a translation from the original Garo poem, Anga Bebera’a into English by the same poet. She is one of the eminent poets among the Garo women poets. She often translates her own poems from one language to another. The poem I Believe rotates around the theme of the uncountable capabilities of a human, his dreams and aspirations.

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The poem I Believe depicts the theme of the uncountable capabilities of man and his dreams and achievements. The poet believes a human being can rise to great heights, endure a number of hurdles and reach their goal. In the first stanza, the poet says that a human being can throw a pebble upwards, pierce through the heaven and watch the angels play. This actually means that humans can achieve the most difficult and sometimes even the unachievable goals. At a spiritual level, it means raising our conscience to a higher point and becoming one with God.
In fact, the poet wants to say that human beings can conquer all parts of the universe if they believe in themselves, use their capabilities and work diligently. She means to say that humans can conquer all the three realms of the earth- the atmosphere, the lithosphere and the hydrosphere. The poet also believes that humans can make this world heaven-like and themselves like angels.
Feminist Reading:
The poem I Believe has been written by one of the eminent Garo poets and activists, Brucellish K Sangma. The poem voices the concern about dreams and aspirations of a woman in a male-dominated society. A number of restrictions are imposed on women in a patriarchal society. Such a society is male-centred and they subordinate women in all domains in their life: familial, religious, political and economical. The woman of today wants to free herself from such a society and achieve her dreams. She wants to reach the sky, dive into deep oceans, and conquer all the three realms of the earth. The poet believes today’s women like the poet can achieve her goals.
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