1. At a Construction site Rukmini saw a father and his 12 years old son lifting the bricks. The father raises 10 bricks to the roof in 15 minutes and son raises 10 bricks to the same roof in 30 minutes. Rukmini asked father not ot make his son work. a) Explain why she said so and write two values shown by her b) Who is doing more work - father or son? Give a suitable reason to support your answer c) Which of them has more power ? explain



A) Rukmini asked the father not to make his son work as child labour is illeagal.
b)Both are doing equal work but the child is having more stress because of their age difference.
c)The father has more power because he lifts 10 bricks in less time. The child has less power because he is doing the same work in more time.
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