Mohit was all alone. It was a stormy night and the sky was not at peace that day. Thundering and lightning echoed everywhere. It was a chilling and lonely night for Mohit. Suddenly the phone rung...trrring trring....Mohit was hesitant to pick up the call. Yet with trembling fingers, he approached the phone and kept the receiver in his eyes. Then a high pitched voice alarmed him. It said "beware of the basement". Mohit thought this call was fishy.He thought it must be one of the prank calls of his elder brother Rohit.Then he went to the basement. Then he heard a sound...creaakkk in a cupboard he opened the cupboard..Suddenly his heart almost stopped for a second because what he saw was a part man part ghoul like creature. The blood cuddling creature said " hahaha...welcome my victim" His laughter was sharp and devilish. Then all of a sound, his eyes went black and his heard was twisting and rotating all of a sudden...Then he was flabbergasted  to see the ghoul in his attire.....and and and and.....himself in the ghoul's clothing. The ghoul (now him)  pulled out a machine and told that it called a zip zapper.... The ghoul said that his brother Rohit invented this gadget. He said " your brother passed away few years ago, but his spirit was wandering here and there..searching for a body.Then he met me and tricked me into sitting on this machine and took my body,leaving me with my spirit. So good bye my friend...i hope you find a good body ". Mohit was all confused. Yet he kept pondering over the last few dialogues of the ghoul. so carried the machine and jumped outside the window..he went into a neighbouring house. Then in that house rang the bell trrring trring..Then a little boy picked up the phone and heard the voice.. "beware of the basement".

its my own story..hope u like it :)