Write a dialogue between you and your friend (in about 10 turns) 20
Discuss the rights of all animals to live with dignity and safety. You may talk about any
animal, for instance how horses are often forced to pull carriages when too old and
unwell or about the ill-treatment often meted out to street dogs.
You notice that your friend has a habit of littering on the street. You want to politely tell
her that such behaviour is unacceptable. You may also mention the swach bharat
abhiyaan campaign.



Aman - ram why are u polluting the streets ram .- who cares the cleaners will clean them why should we take trouble aman- its our home ram- streets are not our homes aman - India is ur home and these streets are a part of it ram - I never thought that way aman- think now and remember the swachh bharat abhiyan enacted by our honourable prime minister narendra modi ram - I will never litter in streets again aman - if we take a pledge not to create pollution then no body can stop India from becoming a clean nation ram - I take that oath today itself
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