Like and dislike reflects but one's own taste.
In this context I am compelled to say that one thing I truly hate is silence and indifference when any kind of injustice is occuring right in front of us.
In today's world the only thing that can set things right is the voice of us people. Only our protests Can fight injustice... yet there are many who keep quiet and tolerate injustice.
the primary reason for this is of course fear. Most people are eager to save their own necks and are reluctant to get involved into matters like this. this way the people involved in the wrong doings get advantage from our fears and the rate of such crimes get accentuated.
Crime against women is an increasingly concerning matter in our country and yet most people are hesitant to say anything to such criminals because they are scared.
As we grow up we are also taught to mind our own business and not to get into !atters that do not "concern" us. But if unfortunately we become the victims one day and others keep quiet it will pain our hearts thinking about the society we are living in today.
Best selling author Dan Brown once said
"the darkest places in hell are saved for those who do not act in times of danger"
I do not wish to be one of them...I believe a voice has immense power and whenever I see wrong doing I will not remain still but I will raise my voice in protest.
only this way can I become a worthy citizen of my country

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