Difference Between Industry, Commerce And Trade. Industry: It refers to extraction, production, processing and construction of products. Commerce: It refers to distribution of products produced by industry. Trade: It refers to the buying and selling of products produced by industries and distributed by commerce.
(A) involves the exchange of services and goods with a motive to earn higher profits by transferring them from their place of production to the place of their market.
(B) it has wider scope of exchange as it involves transportation and shipment of goods.
(C) it requires comparatively less capitals.
(D) it depicts the demand side of goods and services.

(A) is a unit that involves activities related to the manufacturing and production of goods and services.
(B) it includes all the activities relating tot the conversion of raw materials or semi finished goods into the finished or final goods.
(C) it requires huge amount of capital for goods and services.
(D) it depicts the supply side of goods and services.

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