I had read this lesson when I was in eight standard. But I still remember it as it was my favourite. The author says that different people when faced with danger react differently. Kabeer, in the chapter, while speaking has goosebumps while the whole class is listening. During the terror attacks of 2008 in Mumbai, all were terrified. Terrorists took their places to attack people. Many people would want to save themselves fro such a situation and run away. But there are people who worry for others. Like the Chotu Chaiwala who helped people transport to the nearest hospital (I don't remember its name). Like the NSG Commandos who risked their own lives, entered into the Taj Hotel and fought with the terrorists. Like Karambir Singh Kang, the manager of Taj Hotel, who instead of worrying about his own family's safety helped the guests get out of the hotel while his family died of suffocation. There is also an announcer at the CST Platform who instead of worrying about his own safety announces and helps the people to go out from a different exit. Therefore, the author has said that different people react differently when faced with danger.
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