Like humans, animals too have a right to live with dignity and safety. Animals are too living, they also have lives, humans should understand it. Its not only a social right but also a religious right too. All religions want EVERYONE to be respected and valued. People nowadays, think animals like machines. They want all their work to be done by animals. People want their work to be done by animals even when the animals are sick or have grown old. Like- people force horses to pull carriages even when the horse is not well. These days, normally everyone wishes for a pet, and when the pet becomes sick they don't even bother to take them to the doctor, instead, they leave them away from their house. Animals are always ready to help humans and poor humans aren't. Animals show more concern than humans. Humans must understand that animals too have any right which poor creatures can't even say anything through their mouth!
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It seems humans have forgotten that animlas are also a part of the environment they live in . animals are not treated well for eg. Horses are used to carry loads and Street dogs are beaten with stones animals should be treated equall because they form an essential part of our ecosystem and we very highly depend upon animals