55 Points ! I want to make a still life drawing using 2 ladyfinger, one potato, one tomato and one brinjal. How can I draw it any ideas ? if any then make a rough sketch and attach the image.

I also want this !! I have got an assignment same to same..Are u in CBSE ?
Like this -- http://s27.postimg.org/ltm0ditv7/IMG_20160328_170655.jpg ???
Yea, somewhat like that


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just put all these inside a basket
shade a lil here n there
add some irony in it by adding some chocolate,wine,cheese,bread...
do not forget to add a flower case to add to the romance of the painting
A KNIFE! would give thrills.
broccoli leaves would just add sparks.
No time to do rough sketches...

the better way would be just try to replace and place the vegetables as ever you want and even you can draw a basket or a decorative plate to make the drawing look more and more realistic and even try to color the vegetables with oil pastels and crayons with good shading process and all. by the way even draw some other vegetables also that you think can be placed in the drawing. 

the drawing is in the image below - 
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really but i don't know u
Nice one :)
thnx ya buddy # mysticalshadow
Welcome :)
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