Solar energy,wind energy,geothermal energy, nuclear energy
Energy is the basic resource that our society needs to function.
Sources of Renewable Energy
1. Solar Energy :-Electricity can be generated with the help of solar energy, using photovoltaic technology or heat powered engines.
2. Wind Energy:-When the wind speed is high enough to move the turbines, electricity can be produced by the movement. 
3. Hydro Electric (Water) Power:-Dams are a common way to generate electricity on a large scale basis. The fall of water powers turbines, which are able to produce energy when they turn. 
4. Geothermal Energy: -amount of energy stored within the Earth that is not fossil fuels. It is known as Geothermal energy
5.Biomass Energy: -Biomass is nothing more plants and their residues, both of which are renewable sources of energy.
6.Ocean Energy: -Almost 70% of the earth is covered with water. Due to the massive size of oceans, this form of energy has much better potential to produce power than any other source of energy.