If u want to prepare a time-table u need to first write down all ur responsibilities into a paper so that it can be properly factored into a list.You should consider all of your classes, your job, your chores, sports and exercise, and anything else you do on a regular basis during the times you might be studying.Don’t forget people’s birthdays and major holidays also.
Consider optimal times of day for studying. Spend some time thinking about when you do—or would do—your best studying. Are you morning person or a night person?  just note your best times as if you had nothing else on your plate.
Any timetable should be a chart consisting of the variables “date” and “time,” with days of the week along the top and times down the side or as u wish.You can make a single timetable that will stay the same each week. Or, you can build a custom one for each week, that changes depending on the specifics of that week.also if you’re making a custom weekly timetable, don’t forget to include exceptions like birthdays and holidays.
You’re going to want to schedule more time for more difficult classes.and also breaks are essential to your success. You’re not a robot, so you can’t work non-stop for hours on end.

It might take some time for you to really get used to using your timetable but keep at it. but trust me once it’s a part of your routine, it’s going to be a big help.Don’t feel like you have to follow the timetable down to the exact minute.

The number of subjects you wish study completely depends on your capability and comfort. Generally, it is inadvisable to cover more than two subjects a day as this would really stressful.
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First of all preparing a science table depends on your mindset. There is no proper code of conduct for this.Anyways i am just telling you how i prepare a time table.
a) you should spend 5 to 6 hrs in morning. Start studying from early morning like from 5 or 6 am and then take short breaks in between for 5 to 10 mins. you can take a short break from 1 to 2 pm for you lunch probably and then also take a nap.Then continue studying from 4pm to 9pm.
b) On monday, you would have school i guess. so quickly do your homework and then start studying. you many study from 6 to 10pm. Also prepare for the next day's class on tuesday morning for 1 hr.
c) well i don't know what are co subs so let us leave that.

study time table for schooldays : (mine)
6 to 8 pm : math
8 to 8:30 pm: dinner
8:30 to 10pm : science
morning 6am to 7pm : maths again...and prepare for today's class
study time table for weekend :
7 am to 8am : social.. ( study this sub on sat and sunday because its not that tough )
3 pm to 4pm : tamil ( my mother tongue)
4pm to 5pm : bio
6pm to 8pm: physics (1 hr for theory and 1hr for sums)
8pm to 8:30pm : dinner
8:30pm to 10pm: chemistry
This was my 10th std time table, i assure u it went well..i scored good marks in my trail exams too :)