Girl  Education
If you educate a boy, you educate an individual but if you educate a girl,you educate a whole community. Girl education not only refers to the education of girls but also to promote their welfare. Nowadays, parents are aware that their girl children should also be educated unlike the earlier times.
                   To stress the importance of girl education, let me tell a story.
Once there was a lady who went to the hospital with her sick kid, she was advised by the doctor to shake the medicine bottle before giving it to the kid,instead of shaking the bottle, she shook the kid. This is not just a story to laugh but to think.Here if this lady was an educated person, then she could have been a better mother to the kid. First of all education to girls is necessary because it enhances the basic common sense of women folk.Secondly, girl education makes woman independent. Nowadays, the cost of living had improved so it is impossible for just the husband to meet both ends meet. So if the wife is employed, certainly the standard of living can be improved.
               Although, we all keep talking about girl education. It should still be put into action in remote areas. Many woman organisations are there to promote this,but still every men should make sure that the girls in their families are educated,as said by a famous reformist called Periyar.Thus one book, one pen can change this whole world.