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Brain is a part of nervous system composed of cells called neurons.It controls all involuntary and voluntary action of our body .For ex- peristalsis 
Our brain is the most remarkable organ in our body.It is protected by the bony skull.It looks like a walnut and is the control center of our whole body.It is like a super computer.It controls everything that goes on in our body.It stores a lot of information and can recall the information when needed.This is called memory.Our brain has three main regions:-the cerebrum,the cerebellum, and the medulla or the brain stem.
The Cerebrum
It is the largest part of our is the thinking part of our controls our memory our thoughts,intelligence and learning.It also controls the sense organs.
The Cerebellum
This is found at the back of our head.It controls the movement of our muscles.and helps us to keep our balance.
The medulla or the brain stem
It is the lower portion of our brain and looks like a stem. It joins the brain to the spinal cord.This part controls involuntary actions such as breathing and circulaton
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The human brain is comprised of a number of different regions. Each of these regions are vitally important with highly specialized functions. The brain is roughly divided into three parts which include the following:ForebrainMidbrainBrain stem or hind brain
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