(i) Tropical moist evergreen forests:

These are also called tropical rain forests. In India such forests are found in very wet regions receiving more than 250 cm average annual rainfall. These are climatic forests having luxuriantly growing lofty trees which are more than 45 metres in height. The shrubs, lianas (woody climbers) and epiphytes are abundant because of high rainfall. These forests are found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Western coasts and parts of Karnataka (N. Canara), Annamalai hills (Koorj), Assam and Bengal. The detail account of this is given in the description of mesophytes.

(ii) Tropical moist semi-evergreen forests:

These forests are found along the western coasts, eastern Orissa and upper Assam where annual rainfall is between 200 and 250 cm. They are characterised by giant and luxuriantly growing intermixed deciduous and evergreen species of trees and shrubs. The important plants in these forests are the species of Terminalia, Bambusa, Ixora, Dipterocarpus, Garcinia, Sterculia, Mallotus, Calamus, Albizzia, Elettaria, Pothos, Vitis, Shorea, Cinnamomum, Bauhinia, Albizzia, etc. Orchids, ferns, some grasses and several other herbs are also common.

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The two types of tropical deciduous the forest is Temperate deciduous forest and tropical deciduous forest.

These are found in heavy rainfall area. 
These forests produce some of the most important timbers of India. Grasses become important both in seral stages and in the areas under fire.

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