A financial market is a market that brings buyers and sellers together to trade in financial assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives and currencies. The purpose of a financial market is to set prices for global trade, raise capital and transfer liquidity and risk. Although there are many components to a financial market, two of the most commonly used are money markets and capital markets.  Money markets are used for a short-term basis, usually for assets up to one year. Conversely, capital markets are used for long-term assets, which are any asset with maturity greater than one year. Capital markets include the equity (stock) market and debt (bond) market. Together the money and capital markets comprise a large portion of the financial market and are often used together to manage liquidity and risks for companies, governments and individuals. Capital Markets Capital markets are perhaps the most widely followed markets. 
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No you are wrong there is  a big difference between them. the difference are :- 
Money market is consist of debt and fixed instrument securities. In other words, instruments which gives you interest income are called money market instruments and the place where it is traded is called as money market. these instruments are traded for short term. Returns are offered at fixed rate and risk is low.
Capital Market is a market place where shares/stocks are traded. capital market trades for short term and long term goals. Returns are high but not fixed or assured. Also capital markets are generally more volatile and so carries high risks.

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