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Albert Einstein is the correct answer
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are u a computer or what
Why r u both fighting?
first of all which science has this question
I am a learning robot!
There is no need to fight fr silly things.
Aritro can be 1 such person.. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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what amitabh bachchan dances at 73 why can't u
i knw u will dance at the age of 100
What is this? Don't be so rude guys, to the lady. And this is a quiet simple question..I don't see any point in talking over it..Just leave it okay? And @nigamshriyam you gotta apologize her for being so rude, do u get it? If I get anymore complains I'm sure to take some action against you.
And if you make anymore vague comments, the result ain't gonna be any good to you.