The potatoes are taken out from the soil and then the farmers sell the potatoes to the industries some industries might make potato chips or they might wash then put it in a container seal it and sell them at a little higher cost at the market and then consumers buy the potatoes , fry them and eat

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I am a potato, the most grown and eaten vegetable on the earth. I am going to tell you my story. I am born inside the surface of Earth at the roots of the plant. farmers grow me in large agricultural fields. They take care of our plants so well and we enjoy the sunshine and waters. We grow in different colors also, yellow, red etc. When we are dug up and collected, we are moved into big containers and then we are cleaned from all the soil. 

The big  contractors and sellers take us in big trcuks to their godowns and store us in big packs and bags. We come to the vegetable markets after that where the vegetable sellers buy us and re-sell you all.  I like the super markets, where they arrange us nicely and it is so cool there.  When you all buy us and bring them home, we remain with you formany days. we see you playing, dining, going to school etc. from the vegetable basket in the kitchen. I wish to go school too, but we have no school.

When you go to school, your mom washes us and cuts us and puts us in the boiling water on the gas stove. Sometimes she cuts us into very small pieces and puts us on the frying pan. We make a lot of sounds on the frying pan and finally get cooked and fried to your taste. We are also made into potato chips. I know you like my chips salty and spicy. We are there in every retail shop hanging from the ceiling waiting for you boys and girls to pick up.  Many children like the crackling sounds my chips make when you eat chips.  My chips give you company when you see cartoons and movies on the television.

I help all of you  grow in good health. I contain minerals, proteins, and vitamins also, in addition to water and starch. That is a lot of good i do to you. Do you know the Chinese and Indians eat me the most in the world. I like them too.  Grow me in your house garden. I do good to you.  I am so liked by many, some parents telll their children fondly "you are my patato".

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