Give reasons: 1. A closed can containing dried. seeds bursts open, if some water enters it accidentally. 2. Jellies, jams and pickles do not get spoiled easily. 3. The roots of some plants are seen growing out through crevices unturned walls. 4. Freshwater fish cannot survive in sea water. 5. Plants growing in well fertilized soils wilt if the soil is nit watered. 6. Potato cubes when placed in water become firm and increase in size.



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1) the seeds absorb the water,expand and burst.
2)Jellies,jams and pickles have been added with preservatives to prevent rancidity or it getting spoilt.
3)The roots get bigger and bigger as they grow,lack of space or soil may be the cause of them growing out.
4)Freshwater fish cannot tolerate the salinity of the sea water,as ex-osmosis occurs.
5)Yes,they will wilt if water is not been provided.Minerals and other nutrients will be made available only if fertilizers are dissolved in the water.
6)Because of Osmosis this occurs.Water in potato is comparatively less when compared to the container having water.So due to osmosis,water diffuses into potato making it fat and big in size :P