#include<stdio.h><br />#include<conio.h><br />main()<br />{<br />char qs [ ][100]={<br />{"\n 1. In which state you stay at \n\t (1). Delhi (2). Out of Delhi"},<br />{ "\n 2. who is the CM of Delhi? \n\t (1). Sheela Dixit (2). Arvind kejriwal"},<br />{"\n 3. Grass is which colour? \n\t (1). Green (2). Black"},<br />{" \n 4. Duration of MCA is<br /> \n\t (1). 5 Years (2). 3 Years"},<br />{"\n 5. IGNOU Head office is situated where Delhi"},<br />};<br />int ans [ ]={1,2,1,1,2};<br />int choice ;<br />int score=0,a=0,t;<br />for (a =0;a<5;a++)<br />{<br />clrscr ( );<br />puts(qs[a]) ;<br />printf("\n Enter the Answer (1 or 2) \t\t\n");<br />scanf("%d",&choice);<br /><br />if (ans[a]==choice)<br />score =score+1<br />if (a<4)<br />{<br />printf("\n press enter to select next question..... \n");<br />getch ( );<br />{<br />else<br />printf (\n The End \n");<br />}<br />printf("\n your total score is =%d", score);<br />getch ( );<br />}