In the fast flowing streams down the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand between the ambient and conducine environment but who knew that there would be an earthquake !

With enthusiasm, we had come here to tour this natural destination. But soon everything was in chaos. Everyone was running here and there, asking for help, crying, etc. I was there with my friends. We weren't so scared as others were. We were simply trying to follow the codes which we had learnt in geography.

Soon, the rescue members had come. We were standing at a corner.Suddenly, I saw an old woman caught under a huge rock. We tried our best to call the rescue team there but they didn't see us and went away.

We had to help her and ourselves. We did our best to take her out from under the rock. My friend and i made a lever took her out. We were successful ! But now, the land was still shaking a bit and we had to come out. All the ways were blocked by rocks. What could we do ?
We had no ways, communications were blocked and .... Then we tried to clear the path so that we could move but no avail because there were many more rocks after that which we couldn't clear.
Suddenly, I remembered that I had a satellite phone.
I quickly used it to contact the nearest military camp.

"Hello, Anyone there."

"Yes, Nainital 23 base camp here."

"Yes! Yes! Hello ! We are victims of the earthquake that had struck just now. We are stuck here and have no way to come out"

"No problem! We'll track you location and find you out. Our people are coming there for you. If you have any problem, contact us again. Over !"

Suddenly, after sometime we found a helicopter hovering in the sky. What did that mean ? We're saved !!  They threw down a rope ladder and we climbed on that. Soon we were safe at the camp !

It was an unforgettable experience.
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                                       " The Freebie "

It was the month of December when we all get a lot of Christmas gifts and even a lot of chocolates and even apple pie as a Christmas treat. During this time I've got a freebie from a near by store which I regularly visit a lot for all my clothing's, electronic gadgets etc. The freebie was the headphones in my favorite colors of florescent green and dark blue. These headphones were really awesome and even I could manage them very well. These headphones at first were really awesome but some days later the headphones started working on it's own like playing music when even it is not even connected to the phone or even pc. I've never worried about it and I didn't even give it for the service. After some days I was really was amazed because the headphones started walking, talking and even dancing. I wasn't at all worried about it and I was enjoying a lot by busting out laughing out loud when ever it dances in the worst style that any one could do. 
                             Then this situation continued and again continued for days. It was Friday 13th which is considered as unlucky because of this believe I would always on Friday 13th never do any thing and sit quietly for whole day. I was sleeping in my room these headphones were behaving very strangely it started throwing everything that it got towards me. then suddenly it got a knife to it's hand and then it just threw on me and then it just hit me on my chest and I was a shot dead on the day which is considered a unlucky. I yet feel why was that freebie given to me only. Now I'm writing this story as being a ghost which will never and ever harm any human or something else for it's own cause.  
Story by - A Living Ghost
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