Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 1. Editions: Starter, Home, Professional, MediaCenter, Tablet, 64 bit. Editions: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate. Editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, Home Server 2. System requirements: Processor: minimum 233mhz (300 mhz recommended) Memory: minimum 64 mb (128mb recommended), HDD: minimum 1.5GB (2.0GB recommended), Sound card, CD/DVD drive, Keyboard, Mouse. System requirements: Processor: minimum 800mhz (1.0Ghz recommended), Memory: minimum 512MB (1GB recommended), HDD: minimum 20GB, Sound Card, DirectX 9.0 device or higher, CD/DVD drive Keyboard, Mouse. System requirements:Processor: minimum 1.0Ghz, Memory: minimum 1.0 GB, HDD: minimum 16GB for 32bit version & 20GB for 64bit version, Sound Card, DirectX 9.0 device or higher, CD/DVD drive Keyboard, Mouse. 3. Comes with Internet Explorer 6 Comes with Internet Explorer 7 Comes with Internet Explorer 8
There are lots of difference between the Windows XP and the Windows 7. Here are some of the differences listed below

• The shutdown and the start up is very fast in Windows 7 when compared to the Windows XP

• There are not much graphical components present in the Windows XP but Windows 7 provides good Graphical User Interface (GUI).

• In windows 7 there is no necessity for the drivers to be installed but in Windows XP it is necessary to install drivers.

• The Kernel of Windows 7 is very good when compared to the Windows XP.

• User defined themes can be implemented in Windows 7 but in Windows XP themes cannot be created by the user.

• The Windows defender in Windows 7 provides maximum security to the operating system but in Windows XP this feature is not available.