These exist for Windows Mobile and Android. On other hand, A simulator is a less complex application that simulates some of the behavior of a device, but does not emulate hardware and does not work over the real operating system. These tools are simpler and less useful than emulators.
Emulator is basically use for computer .. in this emulator you can use Android os versions ..and all app in this like phone. One of the best example is blue stacks application its run android os in it..
On the other hand simulator use replicate the process of movement and environment of the things like car simulator in that you can drive car like you are driving real it and its use for training the poilts in it how to fly... etc
Simulation is when you are replicating, by the means of software, the general behaviour of a system starting from a conceptual model.
Emulation is when you are replicating, in a different system, how the original system actually internally works considering each function and their relations.

In other words: 
Simulation is based on a software implementation of a model where the internal functions of the original systems are not taken into consideration (for example a "flight simulator" does not have any "component" of an actual aircraft).
Emulation is a replica of the internal system functions on a different host (for example  on a Mac OS X I can write a software emulator of a Windows OS where a Win program can run). Emulators can also be strictly hardware-based and is normally based on a partial or complete "reverse engineering" phase.